We can help you find assistance and coaching through the job search process in Glengarry.

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We assist people in their job search and will help you find the job that works for you!


Visit an experienced Employment Consultant who can help you make decisions and move forward.

Job seekers can experience some tough times; we’re here to support you. Explore the links below to find out how we can help you!


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+ Need Upskilling?

Add to your skills: the need for new skills doesn’t stop, whatever your age. Get help with post-secondary costs through Better Jobs Ontario and OSAP (Ontario Student Assistance Program). Visit an Employment Consultant for help with programs, applications and college information

+ Need a Career Plan?

Career Planning: Discuss your career plan with someone who sees a bigger picture: visit an Employment Consultant. We can contribute with personal assessments, labour market information, training plans and strategies for reducing costs. Career Development is an ongoing process. Keep at it!


+ Outdated Resume?

Get a resume: A resume is what opens a door to an interview. If you need a new resume or an update visit an Employment Consultant to find out what is catching employer’s eyes this year. You only have seven seconds to impress your reader!

+ Interview Practice?

Interview: You got the call; the next step is practicing the tough questions that can come up in an interview. Visit an Employment Consultant for one on one practice or a mock interview with feedback from several interviewers.


This will increase your confidence and ensure that you have answers ready for upcoming interviews.


Your questions answered

+ What do you do here?
We help people to build skills, find a job and develop their careers. We also help with any social service concern you have by referrals

+ Can you find me a job?
Our role is to help you and equip you to find a job. We assist with resumes and personal skills that help you and point you to employers who have a need. At times, we speak on your behalf to an employer.

+ How do I look at the jobs on the website?
Click here or visit our office for more information

+ Why do I have to register?
When you register, it shows our funders that you need the services we offer. If we have no registrants, the services cannot continue. Call or email us today to start your registration!

+ Is this EI? Is this Service Canada? Is this Service Ontario?
None of the above! We are a not-for-profit agency with funding from the Ministry of Training, Colleges and University (MTCU). We can, however, provide you with a guide to help navigate the EI process and give you other Service Canada information. Service Ontario has an office in Alexandria on Main Street North of Hwy 43.

+ What’s Better Jobs Ontario?
A funded program to help laid-off people rejoin the workforce quickly. Clients must be eligible and suitable, then they apply to take an in-demand training program. It is best for you to schedule an appointment with one of our job coaches to review your eligibility and suitability for the program.

+ Do you have apprenticeship programs?
We have no training programs for trades. We do have programs to help you find an employer, and we will assist you in choosing and finding training.

+ Do you have summer employment for students?
We have many postings for summer jobs in the spring. We also have programs to help you find a first time job.

+ I’m an employer; can I hire someone through you?
One of our main purposes is to help you find the staff you need to develop your business. Check our employer page and see what we can do for you!

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